Acura Lease Return Center in Alpharetta, Roswell, & Atlanta, GA

Acura Lease Turn-In

At Jackson Acura, we are honored to be your local turn-in center for Acura vehicles in and around Alpharetta, Roswell, and Atlanta, GA. When it is time for you to return your Acura lease, stop by our dealership to learn about all the options you have available at lease-end. Whether you want to purchase your vehicle, trade-up to a new car or just simply return it, we are here to help!


What happens when your return a lease?

As you know when you signed your lease contract, there are certain standards of care expected from the lessee. When you turn-in your leased vehicle, it will be inspected (free of charge) for any "excessive wear and tear".  Anything found that would require above-average cost to refurbish would be considered "excessive" and may mean additional charges.


Once it has been inspected, we will review your mileage for the sum of the lease.  Any overages will result in an additional fee previously outlined in your contract. After completing the return paperwork and paying any lease-end fees that are required, we will go over your options together.


What are your options at lease-end?

When your lease is up, you have several options available to you for obtaining a new car. These options include:

  • ·        Trading it in for a new lease
  • ·        Extending your lease
  • ·        Purchasing your vehicle through financing (get pre-approved here)
  • ·        Returning your car back to Jackson Acura (even if you didn't lease it here!)

Our lease return specialists will go over each option with you to help you figure out what is best for your situation and budget. If you have any questions, they are ready and willing to answer them for you. For more information on what to expect when you turn-in your lease, you may contact us at 888-868-2782 and ask for Dmitry.

We accept Honda leases

As an added client convenience we take Honda Lease returns that have been financed through Honda Financial Services as well as Acura leases. Simply, follow the Acura lease-end steps above, and we will do the rest! Are you interested in upgrading to an Acura? Low cost of ownership and aggressive incentives make stepping up to luxury affordable. Check some Acura's out for yourself, here.


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