Jackson Acura Lease Return Center
Option 1 - Return your Acura to Jackson Acura and lease/buy a new one
  • Schedule a free vehicle inspection six months prior to lease maturity 
  • We offer a number of New Car lease specials. Browse our Acura inventory and find your perfect vehicle. 
  • Contact our team to ask any questions, schedule an appointment, test drive a new Acura, determine whether you want to buy or lease

Option 2 - If you love your currently vehicle, buy it!
  • Receive a payoff quote to buy your leased Acura by calling Acura Financial Services at 866-777-6495
  • If you're interested in financing your purchase, our Finance Team will be happy to help

Option 3 - Return your leased Acura or Honda 
  • Schedule a free vehicle inspection six month prior to lease maturity 
  • Schedule free inspection of your vehicle through Acura Financial Services

What will you need to return your lease?
  • Vehicle's owner manual
  • Vehicle's maintenance records and receipts for completed repairs
  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Vehicle Return Receipt and odometer Disclosure Statement
  • All keys to your current leased vehicle

$100 Honda Lease Return Incentive 
$500 Toward the Purchase or Lease of a New Acura*

- Jackson Acura is offering a $100 lease return incentive on leased Honda vehicles or $500 toward the purchase or lease of a new Acura -the choice is yours! If your Honda is financed through Honda Financial Services, simply follow the steps listed above and we will take of the rest for you!
*$100 lease return incentive and $500 towards the purchase or lease of a new Acura are available for Honda vehicles only. Vehicles must be financed through Honda Financial Services. Applied towards the cap cost of vehicle or down payment assistance.

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